Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trumpette Infant Socks

I absolutely adore infant socks made by Trumpette. They have a wide range of adorable styles to choose from. My son wore "Johny's Socks" for the first year of his life on an almost daily basis. The box comes with six pairs of socks, in a rainbow of colors to match pretty much any outfit you dress your little man in. The underside of the socks have the brand "Trumpette" printed in a rubberized font which is great for when baby starts to walk on smooth slippery floors- and needs a little bit of traction.
They also have an adorable line of infant girls socks. I love the "Pixies" style. They look like little adorable ballet flats! Very cute.
Not only are these socks unbelievably cute, but they are also the only socks I could find that would actually stay on my son's feet. He was always able to kick off his other socks, and these socks always miraculously managed to stay on. Citrus Tip: wash these socks in cold water, (I also gave them a good stretch out of the washer while they were still wet) and let them air dry. This will prevent against shrinkage, and help the socks maintain their cute color.
You can purchase these at Trumpette, and Barneys. A box of six socks is 26$.

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