Sunday, March 2, 2008

Charlie and Lola

My family has managed to contract two rounds of the Flu in the last two weeks, and with the weather frigidly cold outside we have spent a lot of time indoors. When the kids were too sick for game playing , and not ready for a mid-day nap, I had to succumb to the plea for "TV!"

Charlie and Lola to the rescue! My kids love this BBC series. We have rented several of their videos from Netflix. The story line revolves around siblings "Charlie and Lola" as they experience make believe (and real life) adventures together. I love that the character's voices are not as grating as those found in most children's videos (who can resist a british accent?), the music is charming, and the fact that the older sibling "Charlie" treats his younger, and often unreasonable sister "Lola" with patience and respect.

You can rent these from Netflix and Blockbuster- or just watch the morning Disney channel programing.


Taylor and Justina Selim said...

While I was sick with my second pregnancy - due june 10th - I turned to the tv and I really liked this show too. I really actually like Disney Channel in general. No commercials and all the shows are pretty good without violence and all that. We have definitely cut way back now that I am feeling better. Mostly he watches it only while I shower, at least that's the goal!

ZAC said...

I discovered Charlie and Lola when letting the girls watch Playhoouse Disney in the mornings and soon I found I was addicted to it myself. I would be disappointed if we missed it for some reason or other. A few of the reasons I like it so much are because I love the cartoons characters, I love the creativity of both Charlie and Lola and I think the music is catchy. It's a great educational program which I think helps facilitate creative thinking.

Solomon Family said...

Have you read the books? We get them and the DVDs from the library! We love Charlie & Lola. Just love their British accents. Reminds me of my niece and nephew who lived there for a few years. I love the multi-media illustrations in the books that they use in the shows. You should check out some of the authors other books too, Lauren Child! We love her!! - Tish