Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Dwink and Smile

Congratulations to Sherie D. for winning the Froose Give-Away! Thank you Froose!

You know from my last post that Froose is something we will be drinking in our house now. But, I cannot share a juice box recommendation without giving you information on the proper tool to make your juice box experience pleasant. Tell me if the following has ever happened in your home:

You pull the juice box out of the fridge, and insert the straw for your child. You turn around, and can see the anticipation building, and building in that little delighted face- as little arms reach out for the desired beverage. You decide to hand the "goods" over just as excitement reaches its peak level........ and.......realize that was a very bad idea. Those little fingers- so anxious to get around that box, just can't control themselves. Your child's ability to determine the correct pressure required to hold a juice box is no longer present. Suddenly there is juice everywhere- the table, the floor, and your child's shirt. Familiar? Anyone?

It is my belief that children to do not develop the ability to experience the sensation of excitement, while simultaneously correctly holding a juice box until they are 5. If you have a four-year-old that can drink an entire juice box without a single leak springing out, it is my opinion that they are gifted and should be tested for superpowers.
Serendipitously, the same time I ordered my first batch of "Froose" I came across a neat little juice box container called Dwink. Dwink is the brainchild of a mom (we have great ideas, don't we?) who wanted to make the portable drinking options for children a little easier, and cleaner. You can insert any boxed/bagged child's beverage into Dwink, and rest assured that they will not shower themselves in the process. Dwink holds kids drink containers of all milk, Capri-Sun, juice boxes (large and small) and fits them all snugly. Large juice/soy milk boxes and Capri-Sun type beverages fit best just placed in the box. For smaller juice boxes, like Froose, you just have to turn the box so it is perpendicular to the traditional insertion (the juice box would face the handles of the Dwink) and it won't budge. This is possible because the sides of the Dwink container are slightly flexible. If this does not make sense, you can view pictures on the website that illustrate how each type of beverage fits in the Dwink container. I love that the handles and base are made of rubberized material -great for finger gripping, and helping the juice box stay put on the highchair/table/counter.

We have 2 Dwink holders in our house, and it is the only way I would even think about giving my 18 month-old any beverage in a box.
Wonderful idea, dishwasher safe, cute variety of colors, and only $4.99 at Dwink or Dwink it up!

One last note on Froose: If you don't see it in your regular grocery store in the next while, ask for it. You would be surprised by how much they listen.

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Taylor and Justina Selim said...

That is really pretty cool. I have just stopped buying juice boxes because they always end up on my floor!