Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Loving L'Occitane

For me, purchasing perfume is a difficult process. Often, a fragrance that I think smells great in the store, will end up giving me a headache after only a few hours of wear. A few months ago I purchased some makeup from Nordstrom and received a complimentary bag of cosmetic samples with my purchase. Among these samples was a bottle of Verbena lotion from L’Occitane. If you have any affinity for lemon scent, you have to try the Verbena line of products- it is heavenly! I finally have found some perfume that I can wear without consequence. The fragrance is described on the L’Occitane website as “Extroverted notes of Mediterranean verbena mingled with a rosy base of geranium and lemon tree"- which I think sums the scent up quite nicely.
There are all sorts of products available in the Verbena scent. If you end up falling in love with the smell of Verbena, I will warn you- visiting the L’Occitane store can be dangerous. There is a whole line of lemon-scented products that I did not even know I needed (like the Verbena Cooling Leg Gel- what is that?!? :). Verbena 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette runs around $44.00. You can also purchase the travel size (.5 oz) version of this scent for $9.00. Available at L’Occitane, and Nordstrom.


julia said...

You have a fun blog! I'll have to check back on more of the kid related items in the future.

I got the lemon verbena shower gel from some co-workers back in SF and it's SO good! I also love the olive daily face cleanser. It smells great and is good for your skin.

Bippert Family said...

I love lemon anything, so I'll definitely need to look into this perfume! I'll be sure to proceed with caution so I don't get a little crazy with "must need" leg gel and such. (haha!) But I can't promise anything!

Kyndra said...

I have to check this out for sure. I just bought Hesperides from Fresh the other day which is the smell of grapefruit and I love it. I also purchased the Laura Mercier concealer after reading your post and I am in love with it now. I love your blog!

mimi said...

oh theresa, we are soulmates. i have this. i adore this.