Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sarabeth's Jam

I would love to tell you that I make my own homemade jam. I don't....and probably won't start anytime soon, because Sarabeth makes a better jam than I could ever concoct in my tiny kitchen.

Sarabeth is an actual person, not just a pretty name for preserves. She is a fellow New Yorker who actually whipped up her first batches of this deliciousness in her Manhattan apartment. In the 1980's Sarabeth and her husband opened bakeries and restaurants on the East and West sides of Manhattan. Since then, Sarabeth's has grown to include a bakery/cafe in Chelsea and another restaurant at Central Park South.

I came across Sarabeth's for the first time while shopping for jam on FreshDirect (online grocers). I was impressed by the ingredients labels of this line of jam. For the most part, her jams are made of just fruit and cane sugar- nothing else, which is probably why they taste so amazing. Sarabeth's offers a wide variety of flavors, many of which are quite unique. I am very partial to the plum-cherry and the pineapple-mango flavors, both of which are also very good warmed up and served on ice cream.

For those of you outside of NYC, there is hope....if you are willing to pay the price. You can order Sarabeth's jam online for about 10$ a jar + shipping, or you can just wait for a restaurant to open near you- supposedly there are more restaurants in the making, locations TBA.
Sarabeth's jam here in NYC will run you about $7.50 for an 18 oz jar. You can purchase the jam at pretty much any NYC grocery store, FreshDirect, or at the restaurant locations themselves.

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