Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring for Muffatees

It is hard for my kids to keep their gloves on when the weather starts to show signs of spring. Gloves get in the way of hanging on monkey bars, riding scooters, and exploring everything around them with their favorite "sense" of touch. It is not uncommon for them to rip off their gloves when we get to the park and insist they "can't play" with them on. That is not exactly what a mom wants to hear when it is 40 degrees out.
Muffatees by are the compromise I come to with them in the spring. Muffatees are fingerless mittens, which still keep little hands warm, but allow fingers to run free and explore. They are great for those spring months when it is still cold enough to warrant gloves, but just warm enough that you are going to be spending a while outside playing. I think the perfect temperature for these (worn alone) is between 40-60 degrees, so that makes them great for the spring and fall months here in NYC.
The good news is you can also get some use out of these when it is frigidly cold out. They are great to layer with larger traditional mittens, to help keep the wrists warm. Muffatees are quite long, so they help to fill in that gap between where the coat ends, and the mitten begins.
Muffatees are hand-knit from 100% soft baby alpaca wool. This means you need to hand wash them, but it also means they will be much warmer and softer than any glove you could buy made of other material.
I am a big fan of the Adult-Size Muffatees. Here in NYC I feel like I am always pulling on and off my gloves as I reach into my bag for my metro card, credit cards, loose change, snacks for the kids etc. When I wear my Muffatees, I can do all of these tasks without having to pull them off, because my fingers are free.
My family has both the cable and the striped style. I will say, I like the striped style a little better. I think it has a snugger fit, and overall better appearance. You can purchase Muffatees from or from several baby/child boutiques here in NYC, and throughout the US.
They run between $16-20 a pair.

Who wants to win a matching mother & child set of Muffatees? Email me at before midnight on Thursday (3/13/08). In the subject line of your email include the word MUFFATEE. In the body of the email answer this question: "What 3 sizes are Muffatees currently available in?"

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