Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goosie Cards

I am very impressed with these flash cards. Goosie Cards are essentially very high-quality flash cards that can be customized to images in your child's life. I created a customized set two weeks ago with images of our family. We live a long distance from most of our extended family so my children really get a kick out of seeing (and pointing out) cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents on these cards. You can also purchase already-made card sets with themed stock photography (see the top picture).
Goosie cards are laminated with dense plastic and are very durable- unlike any other "flash-cards" out there. The thickness of these cards is comparable to my driver's license- thin, but at the same time very sturdy. The fact that they are laminated, also makes them very easy to clean (and prevents my infant son from chewing up the corners).
My 6 and 4-year-old love to look at these cards during church and on subway rides. My 18-month-old loves to spread the cards all over the living room, and then turn them over one at a time. His favorite card is the "llama" from the animal kingdom set. Don't ask me why, but he is a huge llama fan:).
Another great aspect of this product, is that Goosie cards have been recognized by the autism community as being an effective treatment/teaching tool for children with this condition. April is Autism Awareness Month, and to show their support for raising Autism awareness, Goosie Cards will be offering a 15% discount for parents and teachers of children with autism. Additionally, Goosie Cards will be donating 15% of all on-line April proceeds to "Autism Speaks", an organization that raises autism awareness, and helps to fund autism research. Autism currently affects 1 in 150 children worldwide (1 in 94 boys).

You can purchase customized Goosie Cards on A set of 10 customized cards
runs 28$. Themed, pre-made (non-custom) stock photography sets start at $16. Goosie cards will be offering a 15% discount to citrus readers for the month of April. Enter the code "april" at checkout.

Who wants to win a set of customized Goosie Cards? One reader of citrus will receive a certificate to create their own 10-card customized set. Email us at
before Sunday at Midnight to be entered. Include GOOSIE in the subject line, and in the body of your email tell us what is your favorite set of pre-made goosie cards from this link.


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