Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Royal Heinie

I never liked the idea of carrying the huge mother-load type of diaper bag. Instead, I use whatever handbag matches my mood and move the diapers, wipes, pacifier, snack cup, keys, wallet and lip gloss between my various bags. I got pretty sick of all the interchanging or worse, forgetting one of these important items.

Then, I met My Royal Heinie. I am calling it the small, but not too small, diaper bag. It’s big enough to fit all the above mentioned important items inside but small enough to throw inside your handbag (or your diaper bag). Now, I can change bags in one grand swoop or just grab the My Royal Heinie all by itself and head out the door. It has a versatile strap so the Heinie can be used as a wristlet or a shoulder bag so you can carry it alone or loop it over your stroller.

The bag is well made with a water-resistant, stain-resistant outside and an oh-so wipe-able 100% waterproof interior.

My favorite part I have saved for last. The indispensable wipes dispenser. That's right. Just under the front flap are wipes ready to go at a moments notice. If there was a wet wipe "quick draw" between me and another mom, I would win hands down. When yogurt is dripping down my son's shirt and he is threatening to spread it with one hand and wipe it in his hair with the other, I am ready with a wipe, pulled from the dispenser of My Royal Heinie.

Several moms wondered how I get the wipes inside the dispenser. It couldn't be easier. You simply take a stack of wipes and insert them into a zippered pocket on the inside of the bag. The wipes dispenser makes this more than a bag for diapering. Its great for any parent who deals with spills, dirty hands and messes too!

When you visit the My Royal Heinie site, you will learn all this. What you won't learn is just how great this little - but not too little - diaper bag is until you get one for yourself. For $36 I think its worth every penny. For parents like me who don’t want a lot of extra bulk and need wipes within reach, this is a must have.

See colors and retailers here.

Who wants a Royal Heinie of their very own? One lucky citrus reader will win! Email us at before midnight on Tuesday, May 6. In the subject of your email include the word ROYAL. In the body of your email let us know what your favorite Royal Heinie color combo is. Contest shipping to continental US only. Good luck!

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