Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Baggu bags are making waves as a part of the "Eco-Chic" movement because they can replace all of those disposable plastic shopping bags that are mounting up in landfills (or under your kitchen sink- if you like to collect them like me:) with a colorful, stylish, and durable alternative.
I think it is wonderful that the Baggu can help to rid the earth of unnecessary garbage, but at the heart of my love for this bag is pure functionality. The Baggu folds up to a small 5 x 5" square which weighs only 2 ounces. Totally portable, and perfect for city living. At a moments notice I have a 14 x 24" bag within reach that can hold up to 25 lbs, and be comfortably carried on my shoulder.
Because the Baggu is machine washable, its "mom-uses" are endless......

  • Carry baby's clothes home in a Baggu that have fallen victim to the public "blow-out"- to keep your stroller/diaper bag unscathed.

  • Bring it to the pool/beach. It will probably still get filled with sand, have a puddle of sunscreen in the bottom, and have a variety of snacks melted to it -just like your other bags......but hey, when that happens, you can just pop it in the washer. Much easier clean up than the diaper bag or the old beach bag standby.

  • Use it for all those "one-way" transports we do as moms. Meals to friend's homes, treats/supplies/projects to kids classrooms, etc....and when the transport is done, you can just fold it up and put it back in your purse/diaper bag.

  • Great bag for toting books to/from the library. I don't forget to bring our "library bag" with us anymore, because it is a permanent fixture in the back pouch of my stroller.

  • Use it when you are out-and-about with the baby carrier on. The Baggu fits perfectly in the front pouch of the Ergo carrier.
  • Of course, use it for trips to the local farmers market, the corner fruit stand, grocery store, pharmacy, etc.....
Really, the possibilities are endless. Just as versatile as all of those plastic grocery bags you are saving under the sink, but considerably more sturdy, stylish and eco-friendly. You can purchase Baggu bags directly from I have also found them at Amazon (with free super saver shipping). They run around $8 each, $22 for a 3-pk, and $38 for a 6 pk.

Who wants to win a Baggu? We have 3 Baggus to give away to 3 lucky citrus readers! Just email us at before midnight on May 13th to enter. In the subject line include the word BAGGU. In the body of the email let us know what your favorite Baggu color is. Baggu bags come in a variety of colors (even stripes!)- click here for selection. For our give-away we have a navy, khaki, and fuschia baggu up for grabs.

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mimi said...

oh how cool! i was just going to post that i want to order one, but i'd love to be in the contest! hurray! i have been looking for a functional bag like this. an answer to many questions!