Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boom Boom Room Celebrity Baby Shower

No, I am not a celebrity by any stretch of the imagination, but I was invited to the Boom Boom Room's Celebrity Baby Shower here in NYC last week to take note of the latest baby/child products available. I had a total blast. You can read more about the event here.

I have so much to tell you all about this event, but I really do not know where to start. The products at this "shower"(i.e. celebrities come and receive free samples of every vendor's product) ranged from the ultra luxurious (and extremely expensive), to fun and functional products that the average mom could afford.

Here are just a few of the high-ticket items found:

Sakura Bloom Moondance Baby Sling. $1120. Yes, there are four digits in that price tag. This gorgeous sling is crafted of rare Laotian Silk, which has been rippled with threads of silver. Yep, silver the metal. It also doubles as a bullet-proof vest for all you mothers in the Bronx. Ok, I kid, but this sling had better multi-function as something important-with that price tag.
Luckily, for the rest of us, Sakura Bloom also makes some gorgeous linen baby slings that can be found in the $88-$160 price range (silk slings start at $198).

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes and other A-list celebs are patrons of the Lulla Smith line pictured above. Lulla Smith creates hand-sewn Bassinets, Crib Linens, Moses Baskets, and Christening dresses out of ultra deluxe fabrics (think: velvet, silk, linen etc.). Bassinets run from $300- $3000+.
This sweater by Shokay just might be my favorite luxury find of the entire event. Shokay is the brainchild of a few Ivy-League graduates who sought to create "style with a touch of humanity." The secret to Shokay's ultra-soft product line is the fact that all of their products are knit with one very unique fiber...yak down. Yes, yak....not exactly an animal you associate with fashionable, luxurious clothing. Shokay sources its yak fiber from Tibetan herders, enabling them to earn a long-term sustainable living while preserving their traditional Tibetan lifestyle. Shokay believes "that by investing and reinvesting our success into the local communities, we ensure the opportunity of choice for future Tibetan generations."

Last year, a Time magazine article highlighted Shokay as one of four new companies in the Asia-Pacific region that "are using materials and production methods that are kind to the earth, while sticking to decent labor practices."

The "yak down" that Shokay's products are made of is absolutely unbelievable. It is really unlike anything I have ever felt before. So incredibly soft and beautiful.

Shokay's luxurious products definitely come at a price. The Paddington sweater (pictured above) retails for $165. Pricey, but this is definitely an heirloom quality piece of clothing. I am a big fan of the Shokay Infinity handwarmers and scarf, which cost $60 and $100, respectively. Want Yak down pillows and blankets? Shokay's got them. Dreaming of something Shokay doesn't carry yet? You can knit your very own creation using Shokay's line of ultra-soft yak yarn.

You will definitely be reading more about Shokay here on citrus- as I will be reviewing a few of their products in the coming months.

So, there you have it. A very small synopsis of the ultra-luxurious products affordable to the "rich and famous" that I encountered at the Celebrity Baby Shower.

In future posts I will be reviewing additional products I came across here at the shower that I was particularly impressed with- many of which fit into a typical mom's budget- so stay tuned!

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Justina Selim said...

How fun for you to go to that! I would love to have some of that baby stuff! The bassinet looks beautiful! We still haven't gotten anything for our little girl to sleep in and she will be here in like 2 weeks! I need to get busy!