Monday, May 26, 2008

Califone Listening First Headphones

While out on a long walk this winter, I discovered that my son loves to listen to music as we walk. I would tuck the ear buds to my IPOD near his ears underneath his hat. The solution was less than perfect though, since he is very curious and kept pulling the adult ear buds out of his hat.

I was so excited when I found Califone Listening First Headphones. You can choose from their original Listening First Headphones available in bright solid colors, or the animal themed model which has an adjustable volume knob on the cord.

The band and ear cups are the perfect size for a child's head and ears. The band fits snugly- but not too tight and the ear cups are soft and easy to wipe clean. Thats right- if your kid is anything like mine they will somehow get the headphones dirty.

I love that the headphones have a long 6 ft cord and are reinforced to be "pull-out resistant". So, I can keep the IPOD, laptop or DVD player out of Jack's reach while he listens from a safe distance. The sound quality is great and the practicality is perfect for children who listen to music, watch movies, play computer games or any other activity you wish they had a set of headphones to use. The price is great too at just $12-14.

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