Thursday, May 29, 2008


We purchased our trusty Graco Pack-n-Play 7 years ago, and it is still in use today by our third child. I am glad it has survived all three children, but I will say that after all of these years our Pack-n-Play isn't looking so hot.
To be honest- I never really liked the looks of it in the first place. We ended up settling on a grey/tan plaid beauty just because it was the only Pack-n-Play we could find that seemed gender neutral (so it could work with subsequent siblings), and was devoid of cartoon circus animals.

When I was introduced to Coverplayard, I was quite excited. Coverplayard makes covers for standard size Pack-n-Plays in a variety of colors. These covers fit snuggly over your existing Pack-n-Play and attach firmly through ties around the base. So now, no one will know what hides beneath :).
I am a fan of several of the patterns- Kelly, Zoe, and Charlie are my favorites. I also really like the Chenille covers.
I love that you can change the overall look of your Pack-n-Play with one of these slip covers, but my favorite thing about the Coverplayard is that it can be machine washed! Hooray! So, when green runny noses, or the stomach flu visit your house again you can just throw the Coverplayard in the wash for clean-up. Also, you may be more willing to lend out your Pack-n-Play to friends knowing that you can sanitize the cover when it comes back home.

Here are some pictures of us setting up the Coverplayard on our Graco:

This is old iron-sides. Yes, it has seen better days. Note the orange marker scribbles on the mesh paneling, courtesy of my artistic daughter Eva.

Here are the ties used to attach the Coverplayard to the Pack-n-Play. There are also holes in the bottom of the Coverplayard to string the velcro straps of your base mat through- which also helps to keep it in place.

Here are the ties -now attached- to the base of the Pack-n-Play. There are 6 ties total. One for each corner and two for the sides, where the side bar supports of the Pack-n-Play are.

Here it is the fully installed Coverplayard, in all its Polka-Dot glory.

As you can tell, the Coverplayard was an instant hit with the family. Everyone wanted a chance to climb in and try it out. I must say, Owen looks the most pleased, which is good because this is where he sleeps on a daily basis.

Some things to be aware of if you are thinking about purchasing a Coverplayard:
  • The mesh side-paneling is quite delicate and will snag if it comes into contact with the velcro ties. Make sure you press all of the velcro ends together before you wash the Coverplayard!
  • The Coverplayard cannot be used with attachments (except the bassinet and changing table) so if you have a Graco with an attached mobile or snap-on baby supply storage- you will not be able to use them with the Coverplayard on.
  • The Coverplayard does not cover the base mat that comes with your Pack-n-Play. It is meant to go under it. If you would like a cover for the base mat, you can purchase a fitted sheet from Graco.
If any of you will be vacationing at the Hyatt, Hilton, or Club Med (I wish!) any time soon the Coverplayard is available at these locations. Coverplayard will soon be available at all Disney Hotels.

Overall, a great choice if you intend to get a lot of use out of your Pack-n-Play, or if you plan to lend it often to friends/family often. My youngest son sleeps in his Pack-n-Play every day- so for us, the Coverplayard makes a lot of sense.

You can purchase the Coverplayard at range from $45-59.

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Justina Selim said...

These are so cute! I wish I would have known about these like 2 months ago when I sold my pack and play on Craigslist because I hated the pattern so much! Isn't that pathetic! It was a gift, and it had cartoon characters all over it and I just hated using it so I never did! Anyways, great find!

ZAC said...
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mimi said...

hahaha! hello to my favorite kids!