Thursday, May 15, 2008


It seems like everything is showing up in "tablet" form now. I have to say, when dish washing detergent started coming in tablet form, I quickly converted- and never turned back. I do not miss those annoying granules or liquid squeeze bottles at all.
Now it is your washing machine's turn to give the tablet idea a whirl. Dropps Detergent comes in these little portion sized tablets (they call them liquid pacs) that you just throw in with you load of laundry- and start up your machine. These liquid pacs dissolve completely in your laundry load. There are no cups to fill. No liquid detergent residue gookiness on the top of your dryer. No stray laundry granules collecting on your floor. Laundry Nirvana.
Dropps are especially handy for laundry room/laundry mat patrons here in NYC. Who wants to lug a jug and a weeks worth of laundry with them down the block? With Dropps, you just bring along a tiny liquid pac for each load you anticipate washing, and you are set. No plastic jugs or cardboard cartons to deal with transporting.
Dropps bills itself as an eco-friendly company. Dropps are biodegradable, phosphate-free, and chlorine free. The packaging "footprint" is also considerably smaller than the average laundry container.
Dropps are perfect for front loading, high efficiency machines, but can also be used in standard washers. You may, however need to use two tablets if your standard wash load is large. We have a small front loading machine in our apartment and the Dropps pacs keeps me from overdosing the machine with too much detergent.
Many of the reviewers on Amazon stated that they loved Dropps because this product helped simplify the laundry process- allowing their older children to help out with the laundry. Several reviewers wrote that they sent their laundry un-savvy college-bound kids to school with a Dropps supply. All of these are great ideas. My kids are too young to help me with the laundry yet....but I am filing this idea away for later.
Dropps are slightly more expensive than the average detergent. On Amazon, a 60 load pack will cost about $22. That works out to be $0.36 a load. In comparison, a Tide HE detergent 124 load pack will cost you about $35. At a cost of $0.29 a load. If you purchase Dropps directly from the Dropps website, you will pay $0.30 a load if you opt for the 240 pack, which is $72 and free shipping.

Some Target stores carry Dropps. You can enter your zip code to see if you are lucky.

*Hot diggity dog, I just found Dropps on sale at $4.47 for a 20 pack. That works out to be $0.22 a load. You will have to add on shipping if you are unable to take advantage of the "site to store" free shipping. Even with the shipping added on, it is still cheaper than Amazon.


Matt Johnson said...

Check out info on soap nuts. The best natural, vegan, laundry detergent.

mimi said...

that site in the previous comment seems like a great product but so hard to actually buy!