Thursday, July 3, 2008

Friday Book Review: Imogene's Antlers

by David Small

Imogene woke up one Thursday to find she had grown antlers overnight. Getting dressed and making it through doorways becomes more difficult to accomplish with antlers, but it appears that it bothers those around her more than it disturbs Imogene, who enjoys a sucker while the doctor looks her over. While her mother is quite over the top and worries herself sick over Imogene's antlers, Imogene finds ways to make them useful and falls asleep quite pleased with the events of the day. Then she wakes up on Friday...

If you've ever seen the old British television shows on public television, this book reminds me very much of what a show like that would look like as a children's book.

A great book to remind that you can be happy with who you are, regardless of your lot in life.

Easy Enrichment: This story is a good vocabulary builder. Help your child figure out what difficult words mean by using the context (how it's used in the sentence). Every one of the difficult words can be figured out this way. Learn the words "fainted," "prodded," "glared," "milliner," "overjoyed" and more!

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