Monday, June 2, 2008

No Knead Bread

My sister told me about Williams and Sonoma's adaption of the famous No Knead Bread. After making it she asked, "Do you remember the bread they serve at Macaroni Grill?" I began to drool over memories of the warm crispy outside, the oh so soft inside, drudged through olive oil when she said "Well, this is even better!"

I am trying the bread recipe this week. Be forewarned- there is no need to knead, but it does need to sit out for 12-18 hours. My sister also warned me that when the recipe says the dough will be sticky that means very very sticky. I am going to enjoy it with Caesar Salad the first night and Tuscan White Bean soup the second night.

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No Knead Bread
Caesar Salad
Tuscan White Bean and Garlic Soup
photo courtesy of Restaurant Widow
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mimi said...

mmmm... i love crusty bread and i bet i'm gonna love this!! nice that i don't have to worry about kneading. who has time, anyway?! thanks, holly!

Kelly said...

Hmmmm I can't decide if I want to try this or not! Kneading takes so long (especially when it has to rise between 3 or 4 kneads, which my usual recipe does!) but it's also a great way to slap something around and take out frustrations! haha!