Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Banz Sunglasses

I love the idea behind these Baby Banz sunglasses. Sunglass frames with no ear piece extensions, just a neoprene/velcro band to keep it them in place. Here are the reasons for my love:

  • The neoprene band is adjustable. My son happens to have a pretty small head, and I can adjust these to give him a snug fit.
  • These are more difficult to remove. My son can get traditional sunglasses off in a split-second. He can still take these off, but when he does they end up loosely hanging around his neck, rather than chucked on the sidewalk below.
  • They are PERFECT for the beach, boat or waterpark. In these situations you want constant UV protection for your child's eyes. Baby Banz keeps your child's eyes protected and allows them to play freely without worrying about their sunglasses falling off.
  • They float. This is important if suddenly your child decides they are done wearing them, and throws them overboard. You can thank the neoprene band for this.
  • Frame is made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate and the lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Things to be aware of:
  • If your child does not like wearing sunglasses, they will not instantly love Baby Banz right out of the box. It takes time to get used to them. I started off by only putting these on my son when it was very bright outside. His desire to block out sun's intense glare was stronger than his urge to rip these off , so the glasses stayed on.
  • Some parents have complained about the frames of these leaving marks on their child's face. We have never experienced this. Of course (as you can see above) our 21-month-old is on the very thin side. Chubby cheeks may get slightly squished by these.
  • "Baby Banz" (the brand) is marked on the back of the neoprene band in large white font. Your child becomes a walking billboard for Baby Banz. Smart marketing move for them, but I am not a huge fan of this.

Baby Banz also makes glasses for older children (kids banz), hats, and rash guard swimsuits that are very cute, and sun protective. Oh, and check out Retro Banz, if you have a baby girl- these are adorable, and more feminine than the traditional baby banz. You can buy Baby Banz at several websites: Amazon, KidSurplus, and Drugstore.com. They range in price from 7.49 to 15.00.


Jenny said...

I've been using these on my baby all summer and they are great! They stay on much better than regular sunglasses.

Jillian said...

I have used these with both of my boys and I have a love hate relationship with them. They really do stay on good, but they make my boys hot and sweat just in the area around the band, and they both get a rash from it. Also, on multiple pairs that we have bought, the neoprene band doesn't seem to hold up very well, after a couple of months (about 2)it will start to separate and fall apart.

mimi said...

i'm looking through your blog looking for fun ideas for things to do with my nieces, and i gotta say, this picture made me burst out laughing. owen - ever a delight!

Viagra said...

Those are truly amazing!

Elliott Broidy said...

Cutest thing everrr