Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crocs Makes Flip-flops!

My husband and I were at the edge of a public fountain while our little ones played in the water among a throng of other children. My husband squinted, leaned over, and said, "Our kids are the only ones here without a pair of Crocs on their feet."

Are my children the only ones left who know what it feels like to have mud ooze between their toes? Are mine the only kids running past the "no running" signs to spare their burning feet? The only ones who are slipping and sliding over rocks? Ok...so there's a reason for wearing protective footwear.

As for me, I used to wear Old Navy flip-flops. I don't mean sometimes, I mean I wore them all the time in the summer. I tried many different sandals that would hurt between my toes, or create that all-painful chafe location on the inside of your foot...you know what I'm talking about if you've ever worn a bad pair of flip flops. So the Old Navy flip-flops sound fantastic, right? They are lightweight, and you can't beat the price at $3.50. Read on...

Unfortunately, Old Navy flip flops (and the like) are what I can only categorize as deadly when mixed with a puddle of water on cement. Although I quickly learned to avoid puddles in my flip-flops, I would still have occasional near-catastrophic slips (it's summer...I'm going to be around water!!) My most recent near-spill was with my baby girl in my arms, and that was when I decided to say goodbye to an "old friend." Although I don't imagine it would be hard to say goodbye to a human friend who tries to kill you, my flip flops and I have been through a lot so I was sad to see them go.

I never thought I would go to Crocs. Until my search for new summer footwear began, I wasn't aware that Crocs promote circulation and are accepted by the APMA. And at the rate I can put down a pan of brownies, it's nice to know they have been raved about as beneficial footwear for diabetics. They are very lightweight, anti-microbial, and they are apparently so comfortable the wearer is unconcerned with how strange they look....that is, how they used to look.

My greatest discovery with Crocs is that I also didn't know that you can have it all with Crocs, minus the crazy appearance. I love my Crocs Capri flip-flops (pictured at top)! It has a "regular" upper, paired with the comfort of Crocs under your foot. I don't worry about slipping, or piercing the sole with a sharp rock, or any of the other worries of the common flip-flop. I recently walked an unexpected two miles to a Brewers game carrying my 10 month old in my Peanut Shell over one shoulder, and the Go Gaga Slide diaper bag over the other shoulder. I thought it would be a nightmare because on top of the extra 40 pounds, I was wearing flip-flops! Not just any flip-flops, though. My Crocs Capris pulled through and I'm pleased to admit that I could have happily walked twice as far with all my comfortable gear!

I still think the "classic" Crocs are terrible, but I'm loving where this company is going with its new lines... I could see putting my little boy in these Crocs. And heels that are comfortable?!!

image via surfanddirt.com
In case you're among the clog-wearing many, and you'd like to come to your senses with a better looking pair of Crocs, find out what to do with your old clogs in the video here.

You can find Crocs in retail sport supply stores or big mall stores, and with the end of the season near, you just might run into some great deals! If you can't wait, buy them online! The Crocs Capri flip-flops (my favorite) and other Crocs styles are on sale online at Bloomingdale's for between $23.99 and $27.99.


Holly said...

We took Jack to the Central Park sprinklers on Saturday and John said "every kid I have seen is wearing Crocs!"I love em!

Amy J. said...

I too ended up taking a VERY long walk in Las Vegas and my Crocks were amazing! I totally agree...this company has taken a pretty ugly product and created a whirlwind of awesome stuff!

Dustin & Erin said...

I'm a die-hard ON flip flop wearer! And I know exactly what you mean about water! And... another complaint - I've about lost a toe when I've been on a playground that has wood mulch. That stuff goes straight through flip flops! Ouch! I might have to try these Crocs. I wear the mary janes for work all the time... maybe its time for flip flops!

Anne said...

I love my Mary Jane crocs but learned an important lesson about Crocs -- don't leave them outside in the heat! Matthew left his outside our patio door because they got dirty. When he went to wear them next, we discovered that they had warped from the sun! I asked a Crocs employee and he said that the warping in the sun happens all the time! We were really disappointed as we never would have expected shoes to warp in 80 degree weather.

Brooke said...

After my double foot surgery for bunions last June, I had to have a pair of wide shoes that I could easily put my foot in and out of. The Mary Jane style Crocs were recommended to me and are now my preferred shoe choice.