Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eye Shadow Favorites

I have a Sephora addiction, which is really quite sad because it seems that the black and white facade of their store fronts are on every corner here in Manhattan. I love Sephora because it houses almost every beauty product that I love under one roof. I also like that I can test out/peruse department store cosmetics without having to deal with the sometimes-pushy department store salespeople who often have commissioned-based brand loyalty.

MAC and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics are the only two lines that I have not been able to find here. In addition to cosmetics galore, Sephora houses a varied collection of fragrances, most of which I can't stand (I get headaches easily from perfume) but my three favorite brands (L'Occitane, Fresh, and Caudalie) are all sold here. Due to the fact that I cannot leave this store without justifying another lip gloss, I try to only enter near special occasions, when I feel somehow justified paying for worth-its-weight-in-gold cosmetics.

On my last visit, (I might have been "celebrating" St. Patrick's Day or Leap-Year:) I was on a mission to find new eyeshadow. I came out with two eyeshadows that I love, love, love.
The LORAC Starry Eyed Trio, in Superstar. Really like it. Doesn't leave the eyelid crease eyeshadow stripe at the end of the day. The color pigments used are really high-quality so just a little goes a long way....which is good because you will pay $23 for the Starry Eyed Trio.
My second eyeshadow find was this Metallic Creme Eye Colour by Laura Mercier. I actually didn't purchase this one, it was an added bonus at the checkout. At Sephora they keep track of your purchases, and after you spend a certain amount you receive free samples, thus adding to the addiction.

Up to this point, I had never used creme eye shadow, and was not sure what I was going to think- but I have ended up really liking this. It is easy to apply, blends with ease, and like the LORAC eyeshadow, doesn't all end up in the creases of my eyes at the end of the day. A little goes a long way here as well- I have had my sample for a few months and I still have more than half a tube. The Creme Eye Color is $22. I really like the Alloy and Gold colors.

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JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Yay! I have been looking for new eye shawdow for a while now. There is a sephora up the street that will be getting a visit from me today! Can't wait to try these out.