Saturday, August 30, 2008

Help for Nie-Nie

If any of you are regular readers of Design Mom, you may already know about this. If not, I will pass along the word.

A few weeks ago, the mom-blogging author of Nie-Nie Dialogues, Stephanie Nielson was involved in an airplane crash. Her husband was also on board. The pilot of the airplane died shortly after the crash. Stephanie Nielson and her husband have very serious injuries and remain hospitalized facing many, many long months of recovery.

I do not know Stephanie. I have read the Nie-Nie Dialogues only on a few occasions. However, I do know that she has 4 very young children and that this must be an incredibly
trying time for their family. If you are interested in making a donation to their family, or participating in any of the 300+ auctions that are going on all over the web- head to DesignMom. Gabrielle has the 411 on it all.

It is this kind of story that reminds me of the gift that today is.

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mimi said...

well said. also YOU are a gift! blessings to all!