Thursday, August 14, 2008

Paper Shouts

Paper Shouts uses the phrase "Why whisper when you can shout?". Their announcements really do shout. I am impressed with their unique selection of Vintage, Traditional or Modern designs for all your "Shouting" needs from birth announcements to invitations to your family Christmas card to your own personal note cards. I have always wanted some and was delighted when I got to personalize a set. You know you are special when you get one of these from me:

I was bummed that I don't have a need for a birth announcement for another 6 months and was tempted to send out a very, very late announcement for our 18 mo old. Could you imagine? Nevertheless, I fiddled around with personalizing a birth announcement for him on their website. It wasn't hard to find a design I liked and even easier to upload a picture and insert my message. I would say the hardest part is figuring out how to word your message- that part always stumps me.

I think that Paper Shouts offers great style for a great price. Though they are competitively priced, their cards sure don't look cheap. My note cards printed on heavy weight paper (like card stock) with a nice "no-see through" envelope. I hate those cheesy envelopes that are like tissue paper.

Their bridal selection is quite large and though you may be happy to say your needs for that sort of "Shout" are behind you- you may find yourself throwing a shower or in charge of your little sister's announcements quite soon. Lucky you!

Think you don't have any occasion for "Shouting" about? Think again. Check out Paper Shouts and you will be inspired to throw a party, send out the snazziest "We Have Moved" notices or actually send out a photo Christmas Card this year. I can't wait to order my baby #2 announcements from Paper Shouts. I am thinking about this one...

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Brooke said...

I think I'll keep these in mind when my twins are born.