Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shoez like Minez

The first time I saw Robeez I thought, "That's so sad that little girl is wearing on her feet what appears to be...mittens...with the thumbs sewn off.  It's so sad to see poverty like that in America."  Look, and don't tell me you can't see it here!!  Needless to say, Robeez has come a long way. 
This is the new line of Robeez called "Mini Shoez," and that's exactly what they look shoes.  They still have the soft, flexible soles, but look more like a real pair of shoes. 
Robeez also has a new-for-fall pair of MJs in their classic soft sole line (surprise! no built in sock!), but I really like the firmer shoe found with the "Mini Shoez" for the Mary Jane.  
I've included my 2 favorites from the boys' collections.  I guess it's obvious I favor the "little man" look.  The brown shoe above is the new Mini Shoez, below features the new for fall classic soft sole.
You can find the new fall line of the classic soft sole shoes for $27.95, or the new Mini Shoez for $34.95 at

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Pumpkin Petunia said...

LOL at the thumbless mittens! I've never loved their look either. The new styles are much better. : )