Monday, September 15, 2008

Cider and Doughnuts

As promised, here are recipes for Breakfast Doughnuts, Hot Apple Cider and my new found favorite- Cinnamon Apple Yogurt.

I love love love cider and doughnuts. My father made doughnuts every once in a great while and would fry the doughnut holes in the wok and roll them in cinnamon sugar. I got a hankering for them last weekend and found a great recipe for cake doughnuts. I prefer yeast doughnuts but since I don't have the patience on a Saturday morning to wait for dough to rise we went with the cake variety. They are so moist, I hardly noticed though! I have very little experience frying foods but did it easily in a large saucepan with some vegetable oil and a good apron!

Theresa recommended I feed my toddler Yo-Baby's apple yogurt variety. So I bought it and as I enjoyed it I thought of how easy (and much less expensive) it would be if I made my own! So here is the most delish and simple (so simple I am sure many of you have already thought of it) recipe to compliment your Fall breakfast of cider and doughnuts.

Breakfast Doughnuts

Hot Mulled Cider
Cinnamon Apple Yogurt

PS Visit Tartlette to find a treasure trove of mouth watering doughnut recipes from food bloggers all over the world.

Image from Buck Hollow Farms

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