Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Grateful Door

For many of you, school has started and routines have changed.  Life is a little more chaotic and a little more exciting.  This fall we begin our second year of this new addition to our morning routine: the grateful door.  

Here is how it started.  We have moved to two different states in one year.  With each move there have been a few more tears around the house.  I finally decided we needed  a little cheering up.  I made the "I am grateful for..." sign, laminated it, and put adhesive magnets on the back.  I like to put it on the door we exit in the morning.  Right now it is on the door leading to the garage, but it can easily go on the fridge, near your child's bed, or in the family room.  

Each morning when my girls are ready and eager to go ("come on, mom" and I'm still pulling myself together with last minute gathering; keys, diaper bag, snacks, lists, all lights off etc.) I give them a little slip of paper with a pen and tell them to draw a picture of something they are grateful for or that make them really happy.  They draw the picture and tape it under the sign.  This buys me a few extra uninterrupted minutes.  For months we look at and laugh about what was drawn.  It becomes a conversation piece as we are all heading out the door.

the latest drawing of my oldest daughter

It has been so fun to see what come from their little minds and what is important to them.  Most of all it helps them see the many good things we have in life even if we did just leave all their friends behind.

To mix things up a bit you can make signs for favorite things, story telling, dreams and goals.  You get the idea.  Use what fits your family and what will get your kids excited and thinking.   Another note, my 3 year old daughter loves her pictures, but I can never make out what they are.  Solution: I make sure to ask her what it is and label it appropriately.  That way it is never forgotten or mistaken for something else.  That would be a tragedy. 

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Brooke said...

What a cute idea. I'm sure my kids would draw race cars or wall*e but hey, you never know, they could surprise me. :)