Thursday, September 11, 2008

Make Your Own Toddler Book

My goal is to get crafty enough to sit down and create a personalized board book. I know that if I did, my 2-year-old would absolutely love it. What toddler wouldn't love finding themself under the flap of a board book? Directions to the book created above can be found on Instructables. Adorable. If do take on this project, I will be sure to post, and tell you how many thousands of hours it took :). Thank you for the link Jillian!

Here is a less labor-intensive idea to create a similar product. Blank Slate Board Books offers a board book that you can purchase, and then print your graphics on enclosed page-sized stickers that then affix directly to the board book. This way you can pull your own pictures from your computer and make a completely personalized book. Photographs, scanned works of art, clip art, and text can all be added. Your child can publish at 3. Very cute idea.

For an even more basic approach you can try these board books from Romp. I love the offerings at this store btw- everything from the wallpaper to the toys. Everything is fantastic. Anyway, the board books they sell are just basic blank board books. They are a great deal at only $3 for a 5x5 book and $5 for an 8x8 book. I am imagining that a few photos and a few coats of mod podge would make a fantastic book. Or, just give your young child a pack of markers, and let them create a story of their own.

This will be a project we are going to definitely take on. I will tell you how it goes. Have any of created a board book before? Any insights you want to share on the experience?


Holly said...

Ooooh Ooooh! I love this! I am totally going to make family pic board book for our next baby and can't wait for Jack to get artistic and do one of his own.
P.S. I think you deserve a round of applause for making this post- I know just how crazy busy you were Wed night and Thursday!

Brent and Ashley said...

such a fun idea! love it!

The Crockett Family said...

These would be wonderful for family that live far away! You could have cousins and grandparents "design" their own pages and give the far-away family a way to get to know them. These are Great ideas!