Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Room it up

I have been on the hunt for a good lap desk for a while. My kids are now just old enough to not mistake a couch cushion for an art canvas, so they are now allowed on occasion to take their drawing activities to the sofa.
I had seen a few lap desks out there. Barnes and Noble sells some desks that I almost purchased. Pretty cute, but a little too large, and the cushion is a little too flat (nice sturdy fabric though).
I was looking for something a little more kid-friendly, and I found it on the Room-It-Up website. Room-It-Up sells "a coordinated lifestyle collection to personalize your space." So, essentially you pick a pattern that you like from their website, and you can purchase a whole myriad of products that come in that print. Anything from lunch boxes and pencil cases, to backpacks, umbrellas and more. All in your signature print- whatever that may be.

One of the products they carry is the Lap Desk. A child's dream. Cute pattern on top, and a very convenient little cup holder. I guess if you are the kind of parent that lets your kids color on the couch (guilty) you are also the kind of parent that would let them drink there too. They did their research well. Although I will say, we only allow water in our lap desks. You have to draw the line somewhere I guess.
Over the past few weeks I have seen the many ways this desk can be used. Of course, the traditional way (as Room-it-up intended) on the couch with crayons, paper and beverage. As time has passed, the less-traditional uses began to become apparent to our children.
Turned over, the Lap Desk makes a great pillow for your tired artist. This may be a favorite use in our house. It has also been used as a cushion/booster on a dining room chair, and as a food tray for my sick kids (cup holder becomes very handy in that situation). I am sure the Lap Desk would be a great addition to any road trip, allowing for artwork creation to pass the time in the car.

Maddy (with a 103 fever!) still enjoying her lap desk

Love the concept of the Lap desk, and I love the cute patterns they come in.
My only qualm with the desk would be the fabric used for the pillow bottom. I wish they had produced these with a higher thread-count material. It just seems a little cheap to me.
This detail did not deter me from purchasing a second Lap Desk for my younger daughter, but nonetheless still slightly bothers me.

You can purchase the Lap desk from directly from the Room It Up website for 22-28$. Just last week I was school supply shopping at The Container Store and found them there for $24. You can also check the Room It Up website for a retailer near you. This will save you money on shipping, and probably on the cost of the desk.

Overall, a great product. Will your kids will be more excited about doing their homework if they know they can do it on the couch with the Lap Desk and a beverage? Probably. Works for us.


Em and Ms said...

Looks like a great idea! Of course, the first thing I thought of when you mentioned the cupholder is I would use it as a pencil/crayon holder so they didn't roll away!

Theresa said...

Oh, I should have included that too. Yes, the cup holder makes for a great crayon,eraser,marker cap, and pretzel holder :) Thanks for the reminder!

mimi said...

maddy had a fever :( i hope it didn't spread around! ah you guys are so adorable.