Thursday, October 23, 2008

Toss Designs

Bags are a big deal. Huge. And if you're looking for something with a little bit of presence, Toss Designs might catch your eye. This company started out as a shoe collection with coordinating handbags. Now they are much more; with hundreds of products ranging from wallets to luggage. My favorites are their bags. Any of them. I love their totes, cabin bags, messenger bags, garment bags, and duffels to name a few. The list keeps going. I want them all.

What makes these bags seem so posh, are their bold prints. Even my jean and t-shirt uniform feels luxurious when I'm carrying my Toss bag. What makes these bags so ideal, are their functionality and quality. The vinyl covered canvas gives a flashy appeal to the material, but also serves as a water proofing agent. Keeping the your contents nice and dry from inclement weather, or any toddler mishaps. The bags are also quite versatile. I have used my messenger bag for the intended use of carrying my laptop, but have also used the carry all as a diaper bag, church bag, etc.

You can see their fun prints and colors by clicking here. The Ibiza Collection is probably my favorite (right now), but close seconds are: Balboa Medalion, and Valencia.

The only down side to this company I've found, is the way you search for products on-line. As far as I can tell, you can't click on the type of bag, and see all of the available prints. Instead, you have to click on each print to find see if the bag you want comes in that color. Little thing, but kind of annoying for anyone who doesn't actually like spending a lot of time shopping. Even if you're on the internet.

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Anonymous said...

Cute bags!
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Holly said...

ooh! Tote and Hoganfe bags are cute!