Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2 favorite, easy Christmas crafts

Our family loves making snowflakes, especially my husband.  Years ago we made intricate snowflakes to adorn our Christmas tree.  We still use them.  I love that the dark green Christmas tree provides a nice backdrop for the white snowflakes.  

Last year my husband spent hours cutting small snowflakes for our Christmas cards.  I attached them to green and red card stock using spray adhesive.  Simple and inexpensive. 

This year my daughter is interested in making her own.  Our secret: use tissue paper.  Its light-weight feature is perfect for tiny hands and scissors.  

My snowflakes never turn out as impressive as my husbands.  I finally found out why.  There is an art to making the perfect snowflake.  Click here for step by step instructions.  You can't go wrong.  These whimsical art pieces are perfect for decorating this holiday season.

These adorable mini stockings were a cinch to make.  The template comes from Martha Stewart and is easy to follow and takes little time to whip up (there's still time).    Using felt means no lining.  Don't even bother to turn them inside out.  Cut the hem with pinking shears for a cute zig-zag edge.  

I love the versatility of these small beauties.  Martha suggests using them for an advent calendar, which I love (maybe next year).   I've used them on a garland swag, as a gift card holder, to decorate a present, to hold a special treat or note and even as a Christmas tree ornament.

There are hundreds of Christmas craft choices our there....these are 2 of my favorites....because they are easy.  Happy holiday crafting.  


Sherie said...

I love making snowflakes! But, like you, my attempts look more like a square with holes in it. I'm on the path to snowflake awesomeness now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these 2 Christmas craft ideas that me and my kids can do this Christmas, or maybe next year :)