Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A couple of years ago my husband secretly signed up to participate in a research project to make some extra money to purchase me my own iPod.  A surprise indeed!  I love my iPod.  Now I don't know how I ever survived without it.  Its essential to a days cleaning, to combat errand boredom, to enlighten my mind and perk up my mood.  I'll have to admit that most of my playlists are made with my children in mind with the likes of Old McDonald, Disney Princesses, and the Tarzan soundtrack.  I love to provide this music for my kids, but I don't always love to listen to it day in and day out.  Here is a wonderful solution...audio stories.

Storynory is a free podcast you can sign up for on iTunes.  Each week the podcast is updated with a new story ranging from fairy tales to classics to adapted histories.  I love that my kids (myself included because I enjoy listening too!)  are listening to the Brother's Grimm, Aesop, and  Hans Christian Anderson to name a few.  Sometimes a poem is read or Greek mythology.  

The stories are read by Natasha who is now a household name my girls talk about as if they are friends.  Natasha Gostwick is a very talented, very animated and clear-spoken story teller with a fun British accent.  I would say that most stories are appropriate for ages 5 and older, but with a little bit of explanation my 3 year old enjoys them too.  We listen to them on the way to school, the park and the store.  We especially love them on long car rides (perfect for those of you traveling by car this Christmas).   Our favorite Christmas fairy tale is The Elves and the Shoemaker by the Brother's Grimm.

If you haven't discovered Storynory yet, go discover it today.  From the iTunes homepage click podcasts then kids & family then Storynory or simply search Storynory.  To make your own selections go directly to Storynory website and check out the wide variety.

Go enjoy a great story!


Sherie said...

I love this!!! Even my three year old enjoys listening to stories in the car--and since I get so-o car sick if I read in the car, this is a great alternative!! Thanks!!

Theresa said...

Thanks Dinah! We are definitely going to be downloading some stories for our long Christmas vacation flights!