Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blue Lily Photography

Meet Wendy Whitacre from Blue Lily Photography.

I love her portrait photography. It's unique and edgy- but not too edgy. She has a talented eye for light and color which must be why some describe her photography as "Spicy".

Check it out:

Her blog

Her portfolio website

Best of all, she travels and is coming to a town near you! Her spots fill up quickly, so check her out and give her a ring (on the phone- though bribery may work too).

UTAH: February 2-8th

ARIZONA: February 20-21st

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (focus on Sacramento): March 20-21st

LAS VEGAS: April 9-10th

WASHINGTON DC: April 25-27

NEW YORK CITY, BABY!: May 15-16 (You bet your bottom dollar I will be there!)

More info on Travel Sessions

New York ladies, we know just how photogenic our fair city is. You can sign up to shoot in a pretty Central Park type locale or a more "colorful" part of town for something truly different. I am still trying to decide. hmmmm.

If you haven't already been clicking around Wendy's site, wishing to insert yourself or your kids in her photos, and figured out where she is from, I will tell you that she is based in Temecula, CA. So you SoCal gals are lucky- you can schedule a date with Wendy anytime.

Feeling left out? If you aren't SoCal or any of the above still contact Wendy. She takes requests and if she has enough of them she will plan a visit in the near future.

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