Tuesday, January 13, 2009

L-Bow mittens and gloves

It snowed a couple of inches today.   With the temperature in the mid teens, we decided to go out and play.  We did some major bundling and headed for the newly covered areas to make snow angels.  I fell backwards spread eagle to my spot in the snow and waved my arms and legs making the mother angel.  To get up, I had to use my hand for support.  Next thing I knew I was up to my elbow in snow.  I pulled my arm out to find my wrist was covered with the pretty white stuff.  Do you remember battling your gloves as you played in the snow as a child?  Today was a rude reminder.

I was grateful for the design of the L-bow mittens that my girls were wearing and secretly wished I had some of my own.  These mittens are simply the best!  Designed my a MN mother of four, these mittens (also come as gloves) are waterproof and lined with Thinsulate® thermal insulation so they stay dry and warm on the coldest days. Also, L-Bow mittens are made with tough Taslon® nylon for better durability.  Attached to the mitten is a unique nylon extension that fits easily past the elbow and stays put.  No sagging gloves or snow packed wrists.

The website suggests pulling the extension up over the sleeve on the outside of the coat, but we prefer to put them on first under the coat and have had no problem wearing them that way.  This winter season I have never heard my girls complain of cold fingers, hands or wrists.   And it gets cold here in MN.  I'll take that as proof that these are good enough for any snow activity you have planned this winter. 

L-Bow makes gloves and mittens in both girls and boys designs.  Their sizes accommodate toddlers to teens.  You can choose from three different lines: the easy dry insert line, the breathable line and the waterproof line.  (We have the waterproof mittens.) The prices range from $18.99-$27.99 on their website.


Liz said...

I know you don't know me, but I recently discovered your blog and love the ideas you have.

I am very interested in these mitts. Thanks for sharing them. I am going to check out her site and see if she ends up shipping to Canada. Wonderful!

Good luck with your new baby this week!

lace said...

I was just talking about these gloves the yesterday and couldn't remember what they were called and hadn't done any searching online yet. Thanks for the info and saving me some googling time.