Friday, January 23, 2009

Read it: What! Cried Granny, An Almost Bedtime Story

by Kate Lum
illustrated by Adrian Johnson

This book is just silly and fun.  The great thing is that it would definitely apply to any parents and especially to any grandparents who have ever had to go to great efforts to put the little one to bed.

Inside the book, we follow Granny and Patrick through the adventures Granny endures (all the while still wearing a pearl necklace and a little black purse) in order to get everything ready for little Patrick to go to sleep.  

You must use Granny and Patrick voices (especially when Granny says, "WHAAAAAAT?"), and you must find the little dog on every page.

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Theresa said...

OK, my kids can't get enough of this one. I picked it up from the library and they wanted it read over and over. They love making the granny "Whaaaaaat?!" sound. This cracks me up.