Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Celebrating Presidents Day

If you managed to do any presidential celebrating this past Monday, I salute you. My family was busy spending time with Dad, who rarely gets a weekday off. If you, like us, did not even take a millisecond on the 16th to honor George and Abe, there is still time.

Technically, President Washington's birthday is on the 22nd of February (as was Presidents Day before 1971). And technically, Presidents Day is still formally called either Presidents Day or Washington's birthday. So, you can feel well within the holiday "boundary" if you are a little late taking some time to talk with your children, or doing some activities to honor these great men. I am feeling like this is one of those "better late than never" kind of moments.

You could start by explaining what exactly a President is. This link will help. It provides information about where the president lives, how he travels, and even provides pictures of presidential pets. I think it makes it easier to comprehend Presidents from the past, when the one presently serving seems more tangible.

Here is a list of all the Presidents, and when they have served. Here is a slideshow of what our past presidents looked/look like, and a link to each individual's biography. My kids think Van Buren's sideburns are hilarious. Actually, they got a kick out of quite a few pictures.

Presidents' Day officially became a Federal Holiday in the 1880's (as Washington's Birthday), and at the time celebrated only President Washington achievements. Officially, this holiday still only honors George Washington, but our country has become more inclusive of other presidents in the celebration, specifically Abraham Lincoln- whose birthday is February 12th.

Here are some craft/activity ideas for some belated Presidents' Day festivities:

George Washington Coloring Page

Abraham Lincoln Coloring Page

Abraham Lincoln Hat

Pretzel Log Cabin

Presidential Pins

Several Presidential Activity Books/Coloring Pages- these are great, especially if you have a child in Pre-K to 3rd grade. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see them.

Top and Log Cabin Picture via Martha Stewart

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