Wednesday, February 4, 2009

OnBoard SportsBaby Carriers

My friend Kimberly is in the process of launching a new baby carrier product, and I thought many of you may be interested to hear more about it. The OnBoard SportsBaby carrier can function as an everyday-use baby carrier, but can also be used in the water.

This is big news to me as a mom of 3 small children. I haven't tried this carrier, but I can imagine how nice it would be to have my youngest child strapped into this, and have my hands free to keep my other two children afloat the next time we are at the pool.

The carrier is made of neoprene, layered with an anti-bacterial fabric which keeps it clean, and water-ready.

If you sign up for the OnBoard Newsletter before February 14, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a year membership to Gold's Gym.

Way to go Kimberly, best of luck with the launch of OnBoard Outfitters!

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Kimberley Stewart said...

Thanks for the "shout-out" Theresa! To all your readers, you've got to try this carrier -- it's amazing!