Monday, February 16, 2009

Peanut Soup and Fortune Cookies

Maybe you are like me and missed the Chinese New Year and still really want to try out Theresa's crafty centerpiece. Or maybe you like food with an Asian kick and have a hankering for a good fortune. Here are two recipes worth a try and a quick rice tip too.

Haven't the slightest clue what fortunes to wrap up in your cookies? Go here for the longest list of fortunes I have ever seen- this guys eats a lot of cookies.

Super Simple Peanut Soup with Vegetables

Fortune Cookies

Cook's Illustrated Quick Tip: Rice at the Ready

Making rice is not one of my favorite things. I rarely get it just right.And its takes such a long time. But with some steamed, frozen stir fry veggies, soy sauce and some ready made rice you have got yourself a quick and healthy lunch or dinner.

To have rice at the ready prepare a double batch of rice the next time you make rice. Spread half of the rice on a baking sheet to cool and break up any clumps. Place the cooled rice in a zip lock freezer bag and freeze until the next time you want to make a speedy rice bowl.

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Theresa said...

My kids will love making fortune cookies! Thanks for the recipe!