Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Money Bags: A Coin Value Game

Looking for a good way to teach your children about money? We love this game at our house.

Money Bags is a game where the players take turns rolling a die to advance around the winding path on the board. Most of the spaces are filled with chores to do, for which money is paid. For example, Wash the Dishes- earn 30 cents. Then the player spins the wheel to see if they get to keep the money (or if it goes into the "Money Bags") or how they can collect their money from the bank. For instance, the spinner may say, "no dimes"- and then you have to collect your 30 cents from the bank using just quarters, nickles or pennies.

There are several places on the board where you can land on "Money Bags"- the and you win all of the money in the pot- this adds some excitement and tears to the game :). Additionally, there is a "Bank Exchange" space where you can exchange your coins in for dollars- and earn money in the process.

The game ends when the first player crosses the finish line. That player gets to collect the "Money Bags," but is not necessarily the winner. The winner is the player with the most money.

My kids love playing this game, and I am amazed at how much they have learned by playing it. The game recommends players who are 7 and up. You can play with a younger child (5 and up) if they have some assistance.

I like this game because it teaches children that money doesn't just come out of the sky (or the money bags pot), it comes from work- in this case, the form of a chore (i.e dish washing, feeding pets) or an entrepreneurial effort (i.e lemonade stand). So beyond teaching math skills, I like that it teaches work=money.

You can purchase Money Bags from Amazon.

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