Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kids in Mind

Ever want to know exactly what kind of offensive content may be lurking in your film choice before you head to the theater?

Kids In Mind will tell you. Rather than sticking to the usual (subjective, and non-informative) rating system, Kids in Mind rates movies on three specific categories- Sex/Nudity, Violence/Gore, and Profanity. Each of these categories are then given a point system-the higher the number, the more content it has.

In addition to the number system, each movie has an extremely specific explanation of everything that could possibly be considered offensive in the aforementioned categories. After using Kids in Mind, you will never again have the excuse, "well I didn't expect that to be in the movie!"

This has become our family's go-to website for movies. I use it for my Netflix Que selections, and even for date night movies for my husband and I. I love that in addition to rating children's movies, it also has a wide adult selection of ratings.

Best part is, it's free. There is no subscription cost. Frequent website users are strongly encouraged to donate to the website, but a donation is not mandatory.

The website doesn't have reviews for every movie, but it is surprisingly inclusive- especially with recent films.

Any other websites we should know about that encourage informed parenting? Leave a comment!

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