Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy May Day!

May Day is tomorrow! The origins of May Day are pretty varied, depending on what web site you visit- as are the modes of celebration. As a young girl, I can remember making a paper basket at school, and filling it with flowers. One year, our school even had a Maypole in the gymnasium as part of its May Day festivities.

As a family, we celebrate May Day pretty simply. We start off by making baskets (holding true to my elementary memories). This year, we used a template from The Toy Maker. The Toy Maker is a fabulous- and free!- website filled with printable templates. Just FYI- I added a handle to these baskets.
After our baskets are colored and ready to go, we head outside to search for signs of spring to be collected in our baskets and brought home.
This year, we went out early. Tomorrow's forecast is going to be rainy. If the weather holds up we will be out in Central Park for a second round, if not, we will be glad we used our baskets yesterday.

It gets tricky gathering nature when you don't own any property- but I was surprised by what we were able to gather that wouldn't be missed....fallen cherry blossoms, dandelions, and wild violets.

Do any of you have May Day traditions that you want to share?

Happy May Day!


CWDkids said...

I loved reading your ideas May Day! What a fun way to celebrate this Friday.

Have a great day.

Ashley, with CWDkids

mimi said...

you are absolutely the most wonderful mommy on the planet. i can't believe my eyes!!! you even celebrate may day, and with all these wonderful hand-made things and traditions. i am in AWE!

as for my may day, it used to be "work day" in communist bulgaria, and we used to march down Main St in our red-necktie uniforms and salute the portraits of Lenin, Stalin and Marx. I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore.

You are so wonderful, Theresa.