Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aqua Sphere Goggles

These are the best kids goggles out there. Seriously. We have come to this conclusion after trying our luck with several brands and styles- and these goggles by Aqua Sphere are by far our favorite. I bought my first pair about three years ago, due to the advice of a employee of a local swim gear shop. She touted the UV protection on on the lenses, and the durability of the silicone frame- but really, what I cared most about at the time was whether or not they would fit my child's head....and actually stay on in the water.

My daughter has been the proud owner of these ultra comfy goggles since she was three. These are easy to put on, and easy to adjust, and most importantly, they stay on *without leaking*! If they do need fit adjustment, your child can adjust them easily by pulling slightly on the side straps.
Find them at your local swim gear shop, or here.

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