Monday, May 4, 2009

Feeding a crowd

I am feeding a crowd. I don't want to spend a fortune one steaks and ice cream. And I don't know about you but I don't have a ginourm dining table for 14. So, I can't serve anything that you need to eat with a spoon or cut with a knife (balancing a plate on your lap while you cut your chicken or slurp your soup doesn't work too well).

So here is what I decided to make:

Lazy Lasagna- no meat and no need to cook those noodles
Simple Antipasti Plate
BLT Salad- the one salad my husband requests
Aunt Patsy's Super Moist, Super Chocolatey Cake- traditionally baked in a bundt pan, make cupcakes for individual, less mess party fare

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Doreen said...

I LOVED the lazy lasagna!! The recipe wasn't very clear on where to put the cottage cheese so I just mixed it in with the red sauce. I haven't tried the other recipes yet. Thanks for a GREAT recipe, I don't really like normal lasagnas because I'm not a fan of all the meat and other things added so this was an AWESOME recipe for me.