Monday, May 18, 2009

Patio Dinner Without The Patio

I admit it, I don't know how to grill. Growing up my father manned the grill and since I have been married my husband and I have never owned a grill or even had a patio to put one on! So, when we want to have "summer grill" type food I make this:

Oven Fried Buttermilk Chicken
Creamy Coleslaw- Shred your own cabbage and carrots or buy the pre-shredded mix
Baked Beans- If you don't want to buy Baked Beans from the store try this recipe.

Serve those dishes up with some watermelon and an ice cold drink and you have got yourself a quick and easy patio dinner.


Marissa said...

I was also afraid of grilling. We don't even have a grill, but I bought a grill pan from Williams Sonoma and it's fabulous! I just made hamburgers with it today.

Holly said...

yes- I forgot those count as a grill right? Grill on one side and griddle on the other. Love grilling up chicken and making more than one pancake at a time! Hmmmm maybe if I could afford steak I would try that on my stove top grill. Mmmm