Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Silly Billyz

With 3 children under the age of of 6 we have gone through a lot of bibs in our time as parents. Most of these bibs I have been disappointed with- each of them having their own tragic flaw. Some were too stiff and "plasticky"- to the point that my kids would cry each time I put them on. Some were too small- doing a great job of managing the small area they covered, but somehow my kids sleeves managed to still get in the ketchup no matter how high I rolled them.
I thought I had found the perfect bib when I finally found bibs with long sleeves. These bibs were a vast improvement- especially when it came to art projects and really messy foods. I found "long-sleeve" bib perfection, however, about six months ago when I ordered Silly Billyz. These bibs are the best of everything rolled into one. The material in the arms is water-resistant and not stiff. It is kind of like a parachute material- very flexible. The material in the chest is what makes this product qualify for the "citrus list." This is where it beats out all the other "long sleeved" competition. The material is fleece-like and water absorbent which is absolutely perfect for my son who is just learning how to manage a cup. Accidents happen and when they do- they get absorbed by the front of the bib, rather than running down the front and into the lap like other "long-sleeved" peers. The bib is easy to take on and off, and to clean you just throw it in the laundry. One tip on laundering- make sure you secure the velcro together before you throw it in, because if you don't, odds are you will take it out of the dryer and it will be stuck to your favorite sweater. When you pull it off it isn't pretty- yes this happened to us. The velcro is very strong which makes it great for keeping the bib intact when your child is wearing it, but not so great for keeping your sweaters pill-free in the laundry :). You can order these at for 11$ each and they come in pink, red, blue and purple.

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Zabel said...

I'm a bib freak. This is good to know about. Now and then I stumble upon a new idea but this non-plastic cover-all bib is terrific looking. Time to upgrade...