Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Miele for Me

I love my new vacuum. A few weeks ago our old upright vacuum bit the dust. I had been secretly hoping for weeks that it would meet its maker. The thing was old, and not as great as I had thought when we first bought it. It was one of those canister vacuums. The bagless ones that make you really excited about all of the huge amounts of money you will be saving because you do not have to purchase bags anymore. The only problem was that I HATED emptying the container. It was disgusting. And the filter, you were supposed to suction out with another vacuum. What!? Another vacuum? I only have one- do a lot of you own two vacuums? So I would end up cleaning it out with a butter knife-gross. So, when the vacuum finally found its way into the garbage room of our building I was extremely excited to get a vacuum that actually had bags. What was old is new again.

We have only owned this vacuum for three weeks. I love it. I will warn you people with Mansion Houses (def. anything > than 15oo sq ft.)- this is not for you. There are other Miele's out there for you, just not this one (the Carina). This vacuum is perfect for small homes with wood floors or area rugs. You are not supposed to use it on wall to wall carpeting. It is perfect for reaching under beds, under couches, under tables, pretty much under everything. It gets all of those gross dust bunnies our last vacuum never came close to. It also comes with great little attachments. I will say I was almost completely sold by the suction power of this thing, and then I found this cute citrus color- and the deal was sealed. What an adorable little functional vacuum. Anyway I have got to run. I am feeling the urge to vacuum again.

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