Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Egg Shell Mosaic

Now that all of your Easter Eggs are all decorated and probably still in the fridge waiting to be eaten, here is an activity to remember that colorful experience with.
We saved all of the shells from our dyed easter eggs to make an "Easter Mosaic." Essentially this just involved spreading some Elmer's glue tinted with a small amount of yellow paint (thanks for the tinted glue idea, Jillian!) on scrapbook paper, and then letting the girls add some shells.
You have to be careful to clean all of the hard boiled egg and egg membrane off of the shell before gluing it on- otherwise it will make for one smelly craft after a few days. Also, watch out quick-cleaning husbands. My husband threw away our "green" and "yellow" pile of shells as we were peeling them off, not recognizing the masterpiece creation that was underway :)

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ZAC said...

Love it! So colorful and fun.