Monday, March 3, 2008

Laura Mercier "Flawless Fix" Pencil

Whoever dreamed up this product should receive an award. I love, love, love the Laura Mercier "Flawless Fix" pencil. I have found concealers in the past to be to be difficult to apply- usually they are too goopy and all over the place (except of course where you need it, on that darn blemish!), or they are really difficult to blend into the rest of your skin. This pencil gets you coverage exactly where you need it, and just where you need it-and it blends perfectly. It is important that you find your correct shade, so head to the department store and try a few colors out. My match-made-in-heaven is the shade "fair." I often find myself in the rush of the morning only applying a moisturizer and this product to even out my skin tone, and skipping foundation/powder altogether. You can use this pencil to hide redness around your nose and cover blemishes or scars. It is also touted as a "lip pencil"- to outline your lips with if you are wearing gloss/lipstick, and you want a more polished look.
One of the things that I do not like about "pencil" make-up in general is that you have to hunt down the right sharpener (I have 3 different sizes of sharpeners!) when the pencil needs a new point. This pencil erases that frustration with the built in sharpener in the lid. Love it. No more hunting for the sharpener because it is always attached and ready to go.
You can find the Laura Mercier Flawless Fix pencil in any high-end department store or online at Amazon, Sephora, or Laura Mercier. It runs about $20, but is worth every penny


Anonymous said...

This is so cool - thanks for sharing this! I'll get this pencil (hopefully I'll run across a Sephora store soon, don't have time to go shopping). I would LOVE to get more beauty tips from you!!!!

Bryan, Mary & Abigail said...

What a great blog! I'm going to link to in on mine if that's all right. And, I am always at a loss for concealer, so I may just have to try this pencil!