Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Boon Groovy and Fluid

With the barrage of media coverage circling around BPA and Phthalates (two potentially harmful chemicals) that reportedly can leach from plastics, it is hard not to be totally freaked out and convinced that your child will be irrevocably damaged if all plastic is not banished from your home.

I have mulled over as much information as I can on this subject, and I am not convinced that the science on this is fully formed or conclusive yet on either side of the controversy. With that said, I have become much more aware of the products that I purchase for my kids (particularly feeding related items).

There various product lines now available in the "safe plastic" category. Boon, is one of them. All of the Boon feeding line products are BPA and Phthalate free (with the exception of the Squirt which will soon be).

My 18-month-old son has been using the Boon Fluid sippy cup and the Boon Groovy plate set for the last three weeks, and here is what I think:

Boon Fluid:
  • Great overall shape, which makes this sippy cup very easy for my son to hold
  • BPA/Phthalate Free
  • Angled spout prevents your child from having to tip their head back when drinking
  • Easy to clean, especially the spout (less nooks and crannies to scrub out than traditional sippy cups)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • It is a "spill-free" cup depending on your definition of "spill." Yes, it does not spill as much as a traditional cup would when tipped over, but it does leak. If you hold the Fluid upside down, a slow stream of drops will exit, much to my son's delight. For this reason, we have learned to only put water in the Fluid.
  • The spout is somewhat difficult to remove (although it is very easy to snap back on). You have to pry it off- it does not screw on.

All in, this is my son's favorite sippy cup. It is also his favorite accessory (as a bracelet) and he loves the drippy water feature. I am somewhat mixed on the Fluid. It does leak more than the average sippy cup, so be aware of this if you decide to purchase. But, there are features about it that I do really like (shape, BPA-free, easy-clean spout). Kind of a love-hate relationship.

Okay- Now for the Boon Groovy:

I really do like this plate set. The Groovy is composed of 2 plates which are molded together (you cannot take them apart) and two smaller orange bowls that can be attatched to the larger plate. Here is the low-down on the Groovy:

  • BPA/Phthalate-Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Non-Microwaveable
  • Great rubberized bottom that keeps the plate from sliding around
  • Little compartments for all of your toddlers food- I love the smaller bowls for things I am trying to get my son to learn to navigate a spoon with on his own- like applesauce or yogurt, but am not ready for the mess that a full sized bowl would bring. These are also great for dipping sauces.
  • Realize that the smaller bowls are only "resting" on the Groovy plate. They do not snap-on or attach firmly. This allows your toddler to freely pick them up and move them around (or tip them upside down). This seems to be the biggest complaint of parents in Amazon reviews. It doesn't really bother me.
  • 10% of the profits from the sale of this, and all Boon products goes toward children's charities
  • Overall, a good feeding product that I recommend.

The Boon Fluid and Groovy are both available at and Cheaper at Babycenter ($4.99 & $9.99 and free shipping with 50$ purchase), but available with free super-saver shipping at Amazon for $5.99 and $12.99.

Who wants to try the Boon Fluid and Groovy?!? One lucky reader will win. Enter by Midnight Sunday 4/13/08 by emailing me at with BOON in the subject line. Any comment in the body of the email about the Groovy or Fluid will do.


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