Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Felt like a hearty breakfast

I was inspired by this Egg by Haba to construct a felt version of an egg for my own kids to "crack" out of a stray plastic Easter egg, and add to their play-food collection. My daughters and I had such a good time creating the first egg, that we got a little carried away and decided to construct a full-on "breakfast-in-bed." Inexpensive and fun craft to do with kids. We hand-stitched all of these on Saturday and Sunday (with my daughters taking turns on my lap being the seamstress). Most of them are finished with a simple kid-friendly "whip-stitch." You could use a sewing machine and save A LOT of time, but it was really fun to include my 4 and 6-year-old in on the action, and they are so proud of their new sewing "talent."

I was feeling so excited about this felt craft idea, and then I read a post on Design Mom yesterday which made me feel quite un-original, but inspired at the same time. It turns out that there is a whole world of felt-food crafts to be made:). Felt food crafts are inexpensive (I found felt in China Town for about 4$ a yard) and in my opinion, more fun to play with than their plastic peers. Here is how I made each of these:

  • Use a CD to trace pancake circles on your fabric. I used 3 pieces of stacked felt for each pancake and then sewed them all together to make the pancake thick.


  • Trace your Egg outline on white felt, and cut out two pieces of felt to match this pattern. On one of the pieces, sew the "yolk"(two pieces of yellow felt) on. Then, sew the bottom piece of the "white" on to the egg.


  • Trace out your desired shape, and cut out 2 matching pairs. Like the Eggs above, you want to sew the white strips on to the top, before you sew the bacon bottom on to hide the stitching.


  • Used 4 pieces of felt cut into matching squares to get the desired thickness on this.


  • Easiest of them all, I just used one piece of felt for this, and cut it out in the shape of a syrup puddle.

This was a lot of fun. The next time we have another slow-paced weekend, we will be trying to tackle some dessert ideas!


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Lara said...

So cute! Where in china town did you find the felt? Thanks!

Theresa said...

To be honest I am not sure of the name. I was trying to go to "P&S Fabric" on 360 Broadway (they were closed)so I headed north and east and just managed to find this very, very small fabric store. No prices were listed in the entire store-on anything. The employees spoke limited English, and at the cutting table you could name your price. Very interesting, cash only business. I will try to get a name for you next time I am down there.