Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Book Review: Round Trip

Round Trip
Ann Jonas

Take a trip to the city and back with these black and white illustrations that stretch your mind to see the story. Turn the book upside-down to get home. To quote the publisher, "This book isn't just the story of a round trip--it is a round trip."

Enrichment Idea: Point out what different things are supposed to be in the picture as you're reading it the first time. Older children could probably point them out to you, but younger children will definitely benefit from you pointing out the trees, birds, buildings, etc.
The second time through (trust me, you will read this book more than once), look at each page to see how the images are used to tell the story for both trips.

"Reflections" by Ann Jonas is also a great book with a similar format. That one is in color.

Buy it: has this book available hardcover for $11.55 and paperback for $6.99, both with Super Saver Shipping. This book is also available quite cheap on, but be careful of buying this book used. It tends to be well-used.


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Holly said...

Yes, I love this book-I think its pretty interesting to read myself. Jack likes it too, even when he was a small baby and liked looking at black and white things. I am sure the older kids love the idea of turning it upside down and reading it the other way too!