Thursday, April 24, 2008

Homemade Cards

With Mothers Day approaching, and a mother-in-law that lives out of the country, we made our Mothers Day cards early this year- and I thought I would share this idea.

I was inspired by the cute blog How About Orange to create these. On her blog she has a similar project, that provides a template to print off the stems of the flowers, if you want less of a homemade feel.

To create these cards you just need to round up some colorful stray buttons (we have a whole jar of these at our house) or you can buy buttons from the fabric store (some sell bags of random buttons- let me know if you need a NYC location that does).
I used a hot glue gun to affix the buttons to the card. With these going in the mail, I wanted to be sure the little flowers stayed in place.
After the glue had cooled, my daughters added the little stems and leaves with Crayola paint. You could also use markers or colored pencils. The result: a cute and simple homemade card that my kids enjoyed helping to create.


Taylor and Justina said...

That is a way cute idea! I love making homemade cards!

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