Monday, April 21, 2008

What's For Dinner This Week:

Congrats to Angie H.,the winner of the Goosie Card give-away!

How many times did your mom tell you to “Try it- you might like it!”. Well, you may look at the spinach salad and think- yuck all that green rabbit food? Just pair it with bacon and mandarin oranges and you will be thanking mom for making you try it. The theme for this week’s menu is “Try something new”.

I never thought I would eat an egg salad sandwich- let alone go through the effort of making one. It was when I was recovering from my first, non-elective, c-section that my mother mercifully went across the street from the hospital to a deli and brought back some goodies. Just a few of the items were a Chicken Caesar wrap, Crème Brulee and an Egg Salad Sandwich. After going through 24 hours of labor, ending up with major surgery, being starved for over 48 and finally “allowed” to eat hospital food I was desperate. I gobbled down all of it. And ever since then, I think egg salad is heavenly.

The recipe for this week’s egg salad sandwich (a very easy and filling meal for one of those nights when you need something simple) comes from Heidi Swanson, a woman who thought she would never eat the stuff either. Until, that is, she met her match with the recipe you will find on this week’s menu. So…Try it, you might like it!

Classic Spinach Salad (or Springtime Version)
French Onion Soup with Green Beans
Feta Spinach Crepes
Mini Egg and Ham Casseroles
Creamy Tortellini with Mushroom Sauce
Hawaiian Pizza
Egg Salad Sandwiches with Raw Carrots

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