Tuesday, April 22, 2008

eeBoo Paper Doll Game

I was first introduced to the eeBoo brand a few months ago when my 6-year-old received this "Paper Doll Game" as a birthday gift from a friend. EeBoo creates child-oriented products using images from well known illustrators- resulting in games, stationary, and toys that are fun and beautifully designed.
My 6 and 4-year-old love to play this game which was designed by Lizzy Rockwell. It is not an "academic" game by any stretch of the imagination, but still one that children can learn from.

This game begins by all of the players selecting a paper doll (there are 5 of these, which are made of heavy-duty card stock). Next, you spin the wheel to see what category you get to add an article of clothing from. If you land on "shoes" you have five pairs of shoes to choose from for you doll. If you land on "bottoms" you can choose from skirts, pants and shorts. There are 5 categories in all: shoes, hats, bottoms, bags, tops, and even hobbies. To add a little drama to the game, there is a "lose a piece" section of the spinner board, where you have to give up an article- which can then be swiped by another player on their turn. You win the game by entirely outfitting your doll with clothes and a hobby (it is not just the clothes that make the girl :).

I like this game for a few reasons. One, because it is simple enough that my 2 girls can play it on their own. There are no complex rules to follow, so the results are generally peaceful. No huge arguments over how to play. Secondly, it is a great game to reinforce turn-taking and decision making skills in young children who are just learning to play board games independently of mom and dad. This is especially true with my 4-year-old.

Lastly, the game is fast moving. None of our games have lasted longer than 10 minutes. A great game to play when you would like to spend some family time together, but only have a short time to do it in.

Overall, very cute game that I recommend- unless of course you have a household of boys....then you may want to try the Picnic Game, or the Build-a-Robot game.
Another added perk: a laundry bag is included to put all of the clothes/accessories in when the game is finished. My hope is that maybe someday my children will get as excited about the laundry basket in the hallway, as they are about the one in this game.

Oh, and one last thing- no scandalous outfits can be found in this box (major bonus). You will not be teaching your daughter to dress like a Bratz doll if you purchase this game.
You can purchase the eeBoo Paper Doll Game at Amazon and Geniusbabies.com.
Priced at around $14.

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